I Shoulda Said So BEFORE the Move

But I’m feeling all outta sorts and introverted. No, I didn’t make it to the funeral. I just couldn’t make my body cooperate. The damned stupid disease doesn’t respond to stress well, even when I need to be strong for other people.

We’re moving some of our domains to different servers, so our websites and email have been a bit weird. DNS changes take time to propagate across the internet, so there’s some possibility of trouble getting email through or getting to the sites for as much as the next week or so, though we think things are mostly working now.

We do know that the whole family’s Gmail addresses are working, so use those if you have trouble with other addresses, or look for us on chat or comment here or something. Or, hey, use the telephone!

I’m taking this opportunity to really do the redesign on technomom.com, so the old stuff just isn’t available there at the moment. Nobody is going to have a crisis for lack of it, I’m sure 😉 It’ll be updated and put back up. I’m working on it now.

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