It’s Been a Weekend

Our bedroom is very, very purple. Even more purple than it was before. And the painting is completely finished except for touching up the ceiling, and possibly some final touch-ups on the walls.

As sambear got started on the ceiling, he discovered that the previous owners of the house didn’t bother mudding over the sheetrock tape around the edges of the ceiling. There was also a crack between the ceiling and the top of one wall (the highest wall, naturally) that needed caulk.

The mud will be done drying in the morning, and then we can finish the ceiling.

After any little touchups there, everything that’s in the sitting room will be moved into the bedroom so we can finish that painting.

curiousmay9 made noises about going ahead with the carpet replacement in the bedroom, as the new carpet is taking up lots of her workshop space (garage, to anyone else). I don’t think that’s going to get done right away, though.

I like the bedroom even more with the mostly-finished paint.

I had messed up when I painted the closet door before and used the trim paint on it. I got the rest of the trim done last night and sat there looking at it. It wasn’t right, somehow.

So today, I re-did everything I painted yesterday. It does look much better now. It would have looked okay to everyone else, but it would have driven me nuts in the long run.

The sitting room ceiling is presenting problems. It was stippled before. We don’t stipple. There’s a big new chunk of sheetrock where the ceiling was repaired.

In the next few weeks, more ceiling will be removed in that room to install a pulldown stairway for attic access. I’m not going to worry about painting that ceiling ’til then since we’ll have to re-do a fair amount of it anyway. But I do want the ceiling to look right when all is said and done.

Sam took down the little no-light-kit ceiling fan in our bedroom yesterday, planning to replace it with the nicer ceiling fan we already have. One little problem: there wasn’t a mounting box in place. No, there was a little jury-rigged arrangement that looks a bit scary when exposed.

Now, those boxes run $5-10, max. Why isn’t there one there?

As we pondered this omission, curiousmay9 said, “I don’t see joists.”

Oh. Well, mounting boxes secure fixtures to the wood part of the ceiling. If the wood part isn’t there…

I can see the joins where a very bad sheetrock job was done on that (not stippled) ceiling. There’s very little anything between that ceiling and the roof. But there’s gotta be beams, right?

I’m sure we’ll solve that mystery soon. Very soon, now.

Really, the house itself is not falling apart. It’s a marvelous house. The previous owners had it built, then added our bedroom themselves. Badly.

Their stupidity left a valley on the roof in which standing water collected, leading to water problems.

We’re going to have to do some work on the foundation over there, too. There’s wood next to dirt, which means no termite bond. We don’t have termites, but we don’t want them, either.

I really didn’t mean to get into all that. We’re really happy with our house. I’m very, very glad curiousmay9 is so handy, though!

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