It’s Been a Weekend

Our bed­room is very, very pur­ple. Even more pur­ple than it was before. And the paint­ing is com­plete­ly fin­ished except for touch­ing up the ceil­ing, and pos­si­bly some final touch-ups on the walls.

As sam­bear got start­ed on the ceil­ing, he dis­cov­ered that the pre­vi­ous own­ers of the house did­n’t both­er mud­ding over the sheetrock tape around the edges of the ceil­ing. There was also a crack between the ceil­ing and the top of one wall (the high­est wall, nat­u­ral­ly) that need­ed caulk.

The mud will be done dry­ing in the morn­ing, and then we can fin­ish the ceiling.

After any lit­tle touchups there, every­thing that’s in the sit­ting room will be moved into the bed­room so we can fin­ish that painting.

curiousmay9 made nois­es about going ahead with the car­pet replace­ment in the bed­room, as the new car­pet is tak­ing up lots of her work­shop space (garage, to any­one else). I don’t think that’s going to get done right away, though.

I like the bed­room even more with the most­ly-fin­ished paint. 

I had messed up when I paint­ed the clos­et door before and used the trim paint on it. I got the rest of the trim done last night and sat there look­ing at it. It was­n’t right, somehow.

So today, I re-did every­thing I paint­ed yes­ter­day. It does look much bet­ter now. It would have looked okay to every­one else, but it would have dri­ven me nuts in the long run.

The sit­ting room ceil­ing is pre­sent­ing prob­lems. It was stip­pled before. We don’t stip­ple. There’s a big new chunk of sheetrock where the ceil­ing was repaired. 

In the next few weeks, more ceil­ing will be removed in that room to install a pull­down stair­way for attic access. I’m not going to wor­ry about paint­ing that ceil­ing ’til then since we’ll have to re-do a fair amount of it any­way. But I do want the ceil­ing to look right when all is said and done. 

Sam took down the lit­tle no-light-kit ceil­ing fan in our bed­room yes­ter­day, plan­ning to replace it with the nicer ceil­ing fan we already have. One lit­tle prob­lem: there was­n’t a mount­ing box in place. No, there was a lit­tle jury-rigged arrange­ment that looks a bit scary when exposed.

Now, those box­es run $5–10, max. Why isn’t there one there?

As we pon­dered this omis­sion, curiousmay9 said, “I don’t see joists.”

Oh. Well, mount­ing box­es secure fix­tures to the wood part of the ceil­ing. If the wood part isn’t there…

I can see the joins where a very bad sheetrock job was done on that (not stip­pled) ceil­ing. There’s very lit­tle any­thing between that ceil­ing and the roof. But there’s got­ta be beams, right?

I’m sure we’ll solve that mys­tery soon. Very soon, now.

Real­ly, the house itself is not falling apart. It’s a mar­velous house. The pre­vi­ous own­ers had it built, then added our bed­room them­selves. Badly. 

Their stu­pid­i­ty left a val­ley on the roof in which stand­ing water col­lect­ed, lead­ing to water problems.

We’re going to have to do some work on the foun­da­tion over there, too. There’s wood next to dirt, which means no ter­mite bond. We don’t have ter­mites, but we don’t want them, either.

I real­ly did­n’t mean to get into all that. We’re real­ly hap­py with our house. I’m very, very glad curiousmay9 is so handy, though!

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