It’s That Late Already?

I guess it is. Wow. For once, I actu­al­ly remem­bered to go out­side to SEE an astro­nom­i­cal event. I get emails from NASA to tell me about such things, but I usu­al­ly for­get to actu­al­ly watch them. The red col­or was neat, and very dif­fer­ent from the lunar eclipse I remem­ber see­ing as a child.

Free Music

The PEACE JUKEBOX is now play­ing hours of anti-war music for free at Songs writ­ten dur­ing the Bush Pres­i­den­cy can be heard as high-qual­i­­ty MP3s, with lyrics, on this ad-free music site. This is the most pro­lif­ic peri­od of protest song-writ­ing in his­to­ry, and home-stu­­dio tech­nol­o­gy makes it pos­si­ble for the world to hear […]


Sci­en­tists uncov­er pos­si­ble new species of human Dwarf skele­ton is 18,000 years old Wednes­day, Octo­ber 27, 2004 Post­ed: 7:09 PM EDT (2309 GMT) (AP) — In a breath­tak­ing dis­cov­ery, sci­en­tists work­ing on a remote Indone­sian island say they have uncov­ered the bones of a human dwarf species marooned for eons while mod­ern man rapid­ly col­o­nized the rest of […]

Want to Go to the Ballet Tonight? Free?

We’ve got two extra tick­ets to see Drac­u­la per­formed by the Atlanta Bal­let. The per­for­mance is tonight at the Fox. We’ll be meet­ing at 6:15. The per­for­mance is part of the Kids in Step series. It’s a full dress rehearsal for the “reg­u­lar” show. It is NOT con­sid­ered appro­pri­ate for kids under 12 or 13.

Why Are There So Many Illiterate People Online?

I’m the web­mas­ter for Work­ing to Halt Online Abuse. WHOA helps peo­ple who are being harassed online. Our site is full of mate­r­i­al about avoid­ing and deal­ing with harass­ment, good anti-harass­­ment poli­cies for forum own­ers, etc. There are many con­tact forms on the site. Each has a spe­cif­ic pur­pose, with mes­sages sent through it going to […]

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