Who would you want to cuddle with or look like?

It’s a no-brain­er for me! I’d rather be or hug the gal on the left any day! Some­how, though, the Make Me a Super­mod­el judges found the waif on the right more wor­thy of praise than Jen Hunter, the hot babe on the left who actu­al­ly won, thanks to input from fans. The skin­ny gal, Mar­i­anne Berglund, […]

Poetry: Where are Men When they’re Not at Home?

Where are Men When they’re Not at Home? –Reid Bush From What You Know Where are Men When they’re Not at Home?  Dif­fer­ent places. Some are out at the barn check­ing on the mare that’s about to foal. I know, not many now. A few. Some are run­ning down to the cor­ner store to pick up some­thing they for­got. Be right back. Some are […]

Fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas tops British magazine’s “cool list”

Beth Dit­to’s music (the group’s name is Gos­sip) isn’t quite my thing, but I’m tick­led by the fact that she’s total­ly unapolo­getic by who she is. I feel some kin­ship with her about hav­ing a big voice, too. Some of us are just blessed with them. Yes, we can (and some of us have!) learn good […]

Record one word for me?

If you have the abil­i­ty and will­ing­ness to record just one word for me one your com­put­er and send it to me (prefer­ably today or tomor­row), would you please let me know here? I’m work­ing on a pro­mo for the Fibrant Liv­ing pod­cast. You’ll be giv­en cred­it on the Fibrant Liv­ing site with your name […]

Have you bought emergency contraception?

I just read about it at Sex in the Pub­lic Square. I haven’t thought about it before, but what she says makes sense. If you’re a sex­u­al­ly active adult who could tech­ni­cal­ly con­ceive, but you don’t want to have a child right now, it’s a good thing to keep on hand. I’d be inter­est­ed in hearing […]

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