Have you bought emergency contraception?

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Civil Rights, Feminism, Health | Posted on 17-11-2006


I just read about it at Sex in the Pub­lic Square. I haven’t thought about it before, but what she says makes sense. If you’re a sex­u­al­ly active adult who could tech­ni­cal­ly con­ceive, but you don’t want to have a child right now, it’s a good thing to keep on hand.

I’d be inter­est­ed in hear­ing about your expe­ri­ences in buy­ing it OTC, if you do so. It isn’t an issue for us, so we don’t have a rea­son to buy any.

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I had­n’t actu­al­ly thought about it, but it’s a sen­si­ble idea.