Poetry: Highway Five Love Poem

High­way Five Love Poem for Anna –Ruth L. Schwartz From Dear Good Naked Morn­ing This is a love poem for all the toma­toes spread out in the fields along High­way Five, their gleam­ing green and rud­dy faces like a thou­sand moons pros­trate in praise of sun. And for every curd of cloud, clot­ted cream of cloud spooned briskly by an […]

Poetry: Valentine for Zephyr, Age 12

Valen­tine for Zephyr, Age 12 –Francette Cerul­li From The Spir­its Need to Eat The night before valen­tines are due, I take you to the movie about Vin­cent whose paint­ings you love. Too late I real­ize it’s a mis­take. You knew about his ear and you know the def­i­n­i­tion of pros­ti­tute, but nei­ther one of us was ready to see him cut […]

Poetry: Love at First Sight

For my sam­bear Love at First Sight –Jen­nifer Maier From Dark Alpha­bet You always hear about it— a wait­ress serves a man two eggs over easy and she says to the cashier, That is the man I’m going to mar­ry, and she does. Or a man spies a woman at a base­ball game; she is blond and wear­ing a blue head­band, and, […]

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