Goodbye Dr. Hoffman

Dr. Albert Hofmann died yesterday, April 29, 2008. Why haven’t I gotten one of those “urgent news updates” from CNN or the Atlanta paper? Losing him is certainly more newsworthy than most of the things they do alert me about,…

Pain Doc Day

Today was the monthly visit to the pain doc, which requires trekking across town to Fascist County. It was somewhat amusing to see “Drought Threat Level 4 Measures in Effect!” right next to CVS watering their little patch of grass.…

Where are my Gravatars?

I obediently updated to WordPress 2.5.1, and lost my Gravatars. I’ve checked the settings, and they’re still enabled. They’re definitely still in my templates, but nobody gets anything but the default “no gravatar” picture. Buh?


I took my management final and turned in my peer review for the humanities class, so I am finished! I suppose this is my spring break, then. All the way ’til Sunday, when the next classes start.

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