Weekend Update

We had a very nice weekend, fairly quiet for me (as usual). Katie went out with her beau Friday night, and Sam and I finally got to see the first season 2 Torchwood episode, “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.” It was worth the wait! I wonder how much BBC America bowdlerized it? Unfortunately, we don’t have the second episode. Pout 🙁

Saturday night was date night. I’ve been craving “breakfast,” as in eggs and bacon and so on, so that’s what Sam fixed for dinner. Yummy! Then we had a very lively game. Sidhe invasions are not fun, especially when they turn your own populace against you with enchantment. There was far too much plot to handle in one session, so we’ll continue the fight in our next game.

Today was dinner with Sam’s mother, and a fellow podcaster interviewing Sam. Katie went to her boyfriend’s mother’s wedding reception and was received very well by the family. (The ceremony was family-only.) I started my classes. There are only 7 students in the technical communications class!

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  1. I haven’t got to see season 1 yet! We don’t have digital cable and so we can’t get BBC America. I bought the dvd’s a while back and plan to start watching season 1 tomorrow! I can’t wait! I loved Jack so much in Doctor Who!

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