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WordPress to Livejournal feed question

Why is it that occa­sion­l­ly my Word­Press blogs just go and repost a mess of arti­cles to their feed — at least, on Live­Jour­nal? Even when I have recent­ly post­ed new arti­cles?

I just noticed that the feed from this blog to LJ just burped the last 5 or so arti­cles back to LJ, despite […]

Fun update

We were tick­led to be part of the (how manyth?) annu­al Scar­let­talia last night! For those who have nev­er been blessed by par­tic­i­pa­tion, it hon­ors the arrival of Scar­lett Ross open our plan­et.

This year’s theme was Poly­ne­sian Poi, so we got to see fire-spin­n­ers up close and in per­son for the first time, […]


Well, damn. Robert Anton Wil­son died Thurs­day. He made it to 01–11 — the 101st birth­day of Dr. Albert Hoff­man.

I was most­ly out of touch, so I did­n’t hear about it ’til Fri­day. Side­ways, even, which is appro­pri­ate.