Fun update

We were tickled to be part of the (how manyth?) annual Scarlettalia last night! For those who have never been blessed by participation, it honors the arrival of Scarlett Ross upon our planet. This year’s theme was Polynesian Poi, so…


Well, damn. Robert Anton Wilson died Thursday. He made it to 01-11 – the 101st birthday of Dr. Albert Hoffman. I was mostly out of touch, so I didn’t hear about it until Friday. Sideways, even, which is appropriate.

Poetry: Thus Spake the Mockingbird

Thus Spake the Mockingbird –Barbara Hamby From Babel The mockingbird says, Hallelujah, coreopsis, I make the day      bright, I wake the night-blooming jasmine. I am the duodecimo of desperate love, the hocus-pocus passion      flower of delirious retribution. You never saw…

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