Fun update

We were tick­led to be part of the (how manyth?) annu­al Scar­let­talia last night! For those who have nev­er been blessed by par­tic­i­pa­tion, it hon­ors the arrival of Scar­lett Ross upon our plan­et.  This year’s theme was Poly­ne­sian Poi, so…


Well, damn. Robert Anton Wil­son died Thurs­day. He made it to 01–11 — the 101st birth­day of Dr. Albert Hoff­man. I was most­ly out of touch, so I did­n’t hear about it until Fri­day. Side­ways, even, which is appropriate.

Poetry: Thus Spake the Mockingbird

Thus Spake the Mock­ing­bird –Bar­bara Ham­by From Babel The mock­ing­bird says, Hal­lelu­jah, core­op­sis, I make the day      bright, I wake the night-bloom­ing jas­mine. I am the duodec­i­mo of des­per­ate love, the hocus-pocus pas­sion      flower of deliri­ous ret­ri­bu­tion. You nev­er saw such a bird, such…

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