Katie’s Fall Report Card

We got Katie’s report card in, and she did in fact get all As!

She’s well into the next semester now. Because everybody else was registered for this year last spring, the advanced physics course was full and she’s in the “normal” physics course. She is crazy bored. I mean, this is seriously the first time I’ve wondered if she’ll get in trouble because she’s so bored! Her teacher has never taught before this semester and isn’t doing a good job of managing the class to start with, so responding to the needs of faster students seems to be absolutely out of the question. So far they’re just reviewing the simplest algebra needed to even begin talking about physics!

It’s things like the physics class that make me want to snatch her right back home.

On the other hand, her art and world history classes are wonderful, and they’re beyond what I could do for her. She’s getting a better grounding than I could ever give her in geometry, as well—because, frankly, I detested that class and got an A in it by the grace of a dirty old man called “Coach.” (And he and teachers like him were among the reasons I wanted to homeschool! Not that anybody ever had to do anything with that particular one but lean over his desk the right way, thankfully.)

So she has Very Bad Things to say about physics each day but is otherwise happy. I expect that her grades will be every bit as good this semester.

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  1. I really should have added that the very idea of arguing – REPEATEDLY! – get into the ADVANCED physics class would never occur to me. I’m afraid physics intimidates me 🙁

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