What a Marvelous Weekend!

The kids had some sort of contagious bitchiness going on—I even had to call down Katie for speaking nastily to G. That doesn’t really happen often. But two of them got much better. R didn’t, but I wasn’t terribly surprised about that.

Fun fun gaming and visiting with B last night. She’d had a crappy day and needed the chance to unwind and enjoy good food with trusted friends just as much as we did. Kiddies were all sound asleep by the end of the game so we didn’t have to edit anything, either.

R & G are safely on a plane on the way to the west coast to see their mother now. sambear should be home shortly. We’ll be taking Katie to spend the night with a friend, then heading to Athens for gaming with goddessinga and greyknight.

Katie is watching Firefly now. I had forgotten she hadn’t gotten a chance to see it yet. We were all very annoyed that it was preempted by baseball last night—ick!

Tomorrow afternoon is to be spent with lovely A. Happy happy!

We were going to be enjoying a baby/toddler fix tonight courtesy of _starrgirl_ and rasilio. Unfortunately, Brynn and Camden have been hospitalized because they aren’t gaining weight. Jackson will be leaving today to stay with _starrgirl_‘s parents for a bit. I’m worried about the twins, but I’m sure they’re getting good care. Prayers, thoughts, energy, whatever suits you are appreciated, I’m sure.

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