Weekend Report

Week­end report. It’s still Tues­day, so at least I’m not quite into the mid­dle of the week yet. Wait, Mon­day was a hol­i­day, so it was part of the week­end, right?

Friday—nasty migraine. Incred­i­bly nasty migraine. Could­n’t see out of my right eye for most of the day, and that was despite bat­tling the beast with var­i­ous mea­sures. Then we ran out of caf­feine and I lost the bat­tle. mique_mique was com­ing down with a cold, so no D&D game Fri­day night any­way. We were going to head up to greyknight and god­dessin­ga’s house Fri­day, but sam­bear did­n’t get to leave work until 8:30. He sim­ply put me to bed after it became obvi­ous that no, spend­ing an hour in a car with lights flash­ing in my eyes would not be wise.

Oh—I also took real_pochacco and G to meet their moth­er and spend the week­end with her. sam­bear per­mit­ted her to keep them through Mon­day. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, he did­n’t remem­ber that G had a ther­a­py appoint­ment Mon­day morn­ing, which will now cost us about $80. I’m very pissed off about that.

So—Saturday. we did­n’t get out the door as ear­ly as we would have liked. Yes, that’s all too typ­i­cal for us but it still bugs me. We got to Athens and sam­bear and greyknight were pro­duc­tive while shad­owkatt taught god­dessin­ga to cross-stitch. I stitched a lit­tle, but most­ly enjoyed the company.

Lit­tle Miss had­n’t been her­self all day, and I spot­ted her pulling at her ear, so GiG and I took her off to see the doc­tor. Lots of fun at the hospital—the com­put­ers were down so reg­is­tra­tion was slow. Thank every­thing for acquain­tances who cut cor­ners for you! Lit­tle Miss was get­ting infec­tions in both ears, so off to fill her RX for an antibi­ot­ic, then we final­ly got din­ner around 9:30 or so.

greyknight and sam­bear took shad­owkatt and Son to the gym­nas­tics meet. We were all quite tired by the time they got back.

We watched Mon­sters, Inc.Sun­day morn­ing, then came back home. We had Try­bal­a­ka prac­tice on Sun­day night. It was a “how to read music” class, as there were two peo­ple who did­n’t know how. I’m some­what relieved that we weren’t singing, because nei­ther sam­bear nor I were real­ly in good voice. Dee­dra of tri­adj did a good job with the class, and sweet­ly allowed shad­owkatt to sit in for a refresh­er, too.

I had planned to not leave the house on Mon­day because I just want­ed some time to be at home. sam­bear retrieved the kids from the ex, though, and I picked them up from him so they could get home. We had a lit­tle bit of con­fu­sion in meet­ing up—Caribou Cof­fee is at the cor­ner of North Druid Hills and Lav­ista, NOT Clair­mont and Lav­ista, as he now knows.

Tired now.

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