Gaming With Another GM

So I gamed with a GM other than sambear. With his presence and consent, so it wasn’t infidelity 🙂

It was different. Not bad different, but different. There’s also the fact that I’ve never played a first-level D&D character before—we started with 6th level characters in sambear‘s campaign, and that was my first D&D experience. (I am, admittedly, a baby gamer.)

It also felt weird to be gaming in someone else’s space. I think that may be an even more difficult adjustment for me because I do not leave my nest easily. I’m accustomed to my comfy chair with the good light for stitching and the table in the “right place” and all that. It isn’t that their place is bad, but it isn’t home. And I’m all too set in my ways. I imagine getting out to someone else’s place on a regular basis will be good for me.

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