Too Cheap to Smoke

curiousmay9 and I were recent­ly dis­cussing how much cer­tain habits, like smok­ing or heavy drink­ing, cost. Both of us have fam­i­ly his­to­ries of fam­i­lies that won’t pay for things like col­lege for their kids, but one of the par­ents is a heavy drinker/smoker.

I did the math, based on my fam­i­ly mem­ber’s habits and today’s prices.

Price per pack $2.19
7% sales tax $0.15
10% sin tax $0.22
Total per pack $2.56

4 a day $10.25
Week­ly $71.74
Month­ly $317.73
Year­ly $3,740.96

Vod­ka (1 liter) $23.43
7% sales tax $1.64
state sin tax $1.40
total per bot­tle $26.47

Year­ly, 1 bottle/week $1,376.45
2 bottles/week $2,752.89

That’s more than the cost of one semes­ter at a state school. It could eas­i­ly pay all the non-tuition expens­es involved with a year of school. With the Hope Schol­ar­ship, that could mean that the stu­dent would­n’t have to take our stu­dent loans.


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