We have a clear vision on how to win the war on ter­ror and bring peace to the world. —George W. Bush July 30th 2004 I don’t think you can win [the war on ter­ror]. But I think you can cre­ate con­di­tions so that the—those who use ter­ror as a tool are—less accept­able in parts of the world. —George […]

What Wouldn’t I Say?

Since I did par­tic­i­pate when gina­mariewade did it, I sup­pose I’m hon­or-bound to post this: Com­ment to this entry with a post you think would be total­ly out of char­ac­ter for me—something I’d nev­er talk about, nev­er dis­cuss, nev­er say, any­thing. It has to be com­plete­ly out of char­ac­ter. Then post this in your own journal. […]

Sleepy Sunday

It has been a love­ly week­end, though a bit qui­eter than planned. The dish­wash­er, wash­er, and dry­er are all run­ning. curiousmay9 and all the four-legged res­i­dents are nap­ping. shad­owkatt is get­ting a net fix, I think. sam­bear is at work. All I hear is the hum of the fan sam­bear left on, and that I […]

In Congress, Religion Drives Divide

From there­veal­er­feed: A study of con­gres­sion­al vot­ing pat­terns over the last 25 years shows that reli­gious affil­i­a­tion helps cre­ate an ide­o­log­i­cal divide between Repub­li­cans and Democ­rats that vir­tu­al­ly ensures a par­ti­san split on almost all votes—not just the cul­ture war issue—in Con­gress. The Wash­ing­ton Post’s Bill Broad­way reports that the study dis­cov­ered vot­ing pat­tern trends […]

Poetry Fix: When Our Women Go Crazy

When Our Women Go Crazy –Julia Kas­dorf from Sleep­ing Preach­er When our women go crazy, they’re scared there won’t be enough meat in the house. They keep ask­ing but how will we eat? Who will cook? Will there be enough? Moth­er to daugh­ter, it’s always the same ques­tions. The sis­ters and aunts rec­og­nize symp­toms:     she thinks […]

Thursday & Friday

Yes­ter­day I got to vis­it the wiz­ards at Three-13, Jason and Rico. So I’m new­ly shorn and my roots are hid­den again.  I was­n’t real­ly in the right head­space to be there, though. I had a nasty migraine by the time I left, with no vision in my right eye. So we did­n’t go shop­ping for […]

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