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Yesterday I got to visit the wizards at Three-13, Jason and Rico. So I’m newly shorn and my roots are hidden again.

I wasn’t really in the right headspace to be there, though. I had a nasty migraine by the time I left, with no vision in my right eye. So we didn’t go shopping for the skirt I want for Saturday night’s party and will need to do that tomorrow (unless I just wear something I’ve got, which won’t be costume-y at all).

I always feel strange to walk out of Three-13 and see daylight, since it’s like a nightclub in most ways.

sambear and shadowkatt picked up her Doc Martens at Abbadaba’s while I was getting prettified, did some mall-exploration and visited Dr. No’s Comics. Then they waited more patiently than I deserve for me to be done. I really felt bad about the waiting.

I love our home. It’s so clean and lovely right now! That’s because we haven’t been home all that much since the maids were here on Wednesday. Or, more accurately, we’ve been home but not in the common areas so much.

There are yummy smells here at the moment, too. wordcandlemage is teaching sambear how to make his delicious lasagna.

I’ve hit the hard floors not once, but TWICE with the Clorox mop, trying to round up all the dog fur. And there are small drifts visible again! I really want one of these.

I had the maids vacuum all the upholstered furniture, then I stuck the dog-safe blankets on them. I’ll take them off right before guests arrive. The dog is the same color as the couches, but I was worried about people with allergies.

Karli keeps taking curiousmay9‘s work shoes (the leather stuff for handywoman-type work, not her paid work shoes) into our room to chew on them. curiousmay9 likes to leave the shoes tucked under the stairs, but I think she’s going to have to change that habit.

I got the sixth book of Michelle West’s Sun Sword series Wednesday and read about 1/3 of it while at Three-13 (it’s more than 950 pages). I *think* this is the last book in the series, which was supposed to be a duology. With anyone else I’d say, “Dear gods, woman, you really need to edit!” The series has been fascinating, though. Enough so that I broke my personal rule about not liking to read any series before all the books in it are released.

The girl is about to make luminarias, as it’s VERY dark out here where we live, and we don’t want to have folks to have problems finding the sidewalk. Someday, we’re going to have those solar-powered lights lining the drive and sidewalk.

I just need to shower and dress for the party now. I’m waiting to do that in the last hour, as I’m likely to find something else that I simply must do that will cause me to get all sweaty.

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