What Government Institutions Are Doing to Kids

New Jersey school puts lid on bathroom breaks
Under a new policy at the Lawrence Middle School, seventh- and eighth-graders are allowed to leave class for the bathroom a maximum of 15 times a month. As a result, some are afraid to use up their bathroom passes too quickly and end up with a full bladder and nowhere to go.

The Geneva Convention lists withholding toilet privileges as a form of torture. Police officers are not permitted to withhold toilet privileges while interrogating suspects. Soldiers can’t do that to POWs. But the US government can do it to kids. Oh yeah, the home of the free!

Another article:
Put a lid on it: When schools can keep kids from bathroom, frustration flows freely
According to an Associated Press article, the school claims that going to the bathroom is a “privilege, not a right” and says the restrictions are needed to guarantee students’ safety. A privilege? Since when? Watching television, playing video games and eating candy are privileges given to children—but going to the bathroom?

Okay—one more school outrage. I’ll just add this instead of making a new post.
Educator admits he planted drugs

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