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Have any of you tried herbal cof­fee? I fol­lowed one of the links from Mor­ford’s newslet­ter this morn­ing. I like this quote that I found on the site:
Imag­ine if in every heart and from every tongue, all anger, hate, envy, and greed were elim­i­nat­ed and their places filled with sweet gen­tle­ness of true under­stand­ing, thought­ful­ness, and courtesy.
~ Alice Foote Mac­Dougall, 1928

For my own future reference:
The for­mu­la for cal­cu­lat­ing Weight Watch­ers Points is POINTS® = (calories/50) + (fat grams/12) — (fiber grams/5)

So the pack­et of oat­meal I just had is about 3 points.
(170/50) + (2/12) — (3/5)

My dai­ly mug of Suisse Mocha is 3.5 points. Woof! The Teec­ci­no mocha would be less than a tenth of a point if I did­n’t add sug­ar. But a five-pound bag is $63.25! I don’t think I can afford to even con­sid­er devel­op­ing such an expen­sive habit.

List of one point foods

Yes, I’m going to do Weight Watch­ers again, though I don’t know if I’ll do the meet­ings and all. I guess I need a scale, then. Hmm.

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