Randomness for Monday!

I’m already miss­ing Katie. Shel­ley is, too.

Cheer­ful­ness and con­tent­ment are great beau­ti­fiers and are famous pre­servers of youth­ful looks.
— Charles Dickens

The vocab­u­lary lists to which I sub­scribe were just full of good­ness today. I nev­er under­stood why RX was used as an abbre­vi­a­tion for pre­scrip­tion before—now I know! And I learned about nerdis­tans and heli­copter moms, too.

Today’s Dol­lar Stretch­er newslet­ter had a link to Ques­tions home sell­ers don’t want you to ask. I found the one about, “is the house haunt­ed” quite amus­ing, but appar­ent­ly, some states require dis­clo­sure of “para­nor­mal activ­i­ty!” I total­ly agree about ask­ing when the fur­nace was last cleaned, although I’d prob­a­bly ask when the heat­ing and air sys­tems were last ser­viced. They should be ser­viced annu­al­ly at the very least (sea­son­al­ly is bet­ter), and peo­ple who don’t do so prob­a­bly don’t take care of the rest of the house so well, either.

Oh—something is weird with the home phone line today. Call our cell phones if you need to reach us 🙂 Obvi­ous­ly, the DSL is work­ing, thankfully.

I haven’t ever heard of this “moti­va­tion­al tech­nique” before, but some­one men­tioned it on a mail­ing list today. If your kids tend to real­ly drag while doing chores, serve up a bowl of ice cream and leave it on the counter or table. As soon as chores are done, they get the ice cream-or the soup if they’re too slow.

The Way Things Work videos look like they’d be pret­ty inter­est­ing, but I fear they’re a lit­tle young for our kids so I don’t real­ly have an excuse to acquire them. They aren’t cheap, as they’re being mar­ket­ed to libraries rather than indi­vid­u­als. But the library might have them, or Net­flix or Men­tu­ra.

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