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Hey, I have a reason. There’s stuff we need for Castle Caritas. It’s research! 🙂

Can I just say that I REALLY like this? It’s a covered sorter bin for recyclables with a step-on lid opener, like a good trash can.

I’ve discovered that I really like mission-style furniture. I want a coffee table like this:
Nobility Square Cocktail Table with Cedar Drawers

Even if I had $800 to spend on a table, I wouldn’t. I’m sure I can find such a thing for a better price. But it does show what I want—square, the right height to serve well during gaming or entertaining, storage for coasters and the like. And no glass. I like the look of glass-topped tables, but I don’t intend to ever have them in my house again. There is NO WAY to keep them clean! And I’m constantly worried about a child taking a header through one.

I’m looking for something like this to serve as a launching pad in the entryway.

Of course, looking at these, I can’t imagine they’d be too difficult to make. Well, for someone who is a carpenter, anyway. Edit: curiousmay9 says that counts as woodworking.

Oh my. Now I’m thinking about how much it would totally rock to have our very own furniture that we made. Out of beautiful solid wood, stained as we choose.

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

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