Sexual Mores and the Bible/God Talks to Andy Rooney

Happy Birthday picksmanraven!

Good article:

Sexual Mores and the Bible

As God Told Me…
“Andrew, you have the eyes and ears of a lot of people. I wish you’d tell your viewers that both Pat Robertson and Mel Gibson strike me as wackos. I believe that’s one of your current words. They’re crazy as bedbugs, another earthly expression. I created bedbugs. I’ll tell you, they’re no crazier than people,” said God.

“Let me just say that I think I’d remember if I’d ever talked to Pat Robertson, and I’d remember if I said Bush would get re-elected in a blowout.”

Keep reading, it isn’t what you think:
They Pry Them From Our Cold Dead Fingers

sambear tried to wake me this morning, and brought me coffee in bed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to sleep last night, so my body refused to cooperate. I’m supposed to be getting a GYN checkup right now, but obviously, I’m not there. I couldn’t get through their phone system to cancel. Oh, well—I guess they figured out that I’m not there, huh?

I need to take mayremi home, and then go to the Castle to help curiousmay9 during her lunch break.

I sent a very polite note to my English professor asking for some feedback. I’m hoping she’ll come through. I got all of the assignments for the rest of the semester entered into Due Yesterday on my PDA. I’m considering putting the web pages for the course into my PDA using Plucker or something similar. The server is down too frequently for me to count on them being accessible whenever I need them.

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