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Still Thinging; Date Night

I am, in fact, still keep­ing up with Thing-a-Day! I need to go post over there, though. I do wish I could auto­mat­i­cal­ly cross-post, but if wish­es were fish­es and all that.

I stitched tonight while Sam and I gamed. I also wrote for a while, ear­li­er. Sam and I have recent­ly begun par­tic­i­pat­ing in a forum that does a great job of encour­ag­ing intro­spec­tion, and being a safe place in which to express one­self. It’s a pow­er­ful thing, and I’m in awe of the peo­ple who cre­at­ed and run it.

Katie and I watched an episode of Veron­i­ca Mars for the first time in months, or at least it felt that way. It is a teen dra­ma, but it’s done so well that I could believe Joss Whe­don had a hand in it (he did­n’t, but I remem­ber read­ing that he liked the show).

Sam did an inter­view for The Bear’s Grove that went very well, then curled up to nap with me. The girl seems to have brought some kind of crud home from her fel­la, and she and I have both been fever­ish and achi­er than usu­al. I hope Sam isn’t get­ting it! We both felt bet­ter after the nap, though.

Kioshi just isn’t a very cud­dle­some cat. I find this fact depress­ing. You would think that I would be over griev­ing for Shel­ley by now, but instead I just miss her more as I real­ize how spe­cial she was. I want a cud­dly lap kit­ty who sneaks into my bed to steal the pil­lows again.

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