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Sam helped a co-work­er with his fam­i­ly’s com­put­er after work, so he did­n’t get home until almost 11pm! And at that, he had to bring the plagued thing home with him. I don’t know when he’ll be able to work on it, with MoMo Con this week­end.

He also talked to his bud­dy Dean tonight, and learned that Dean has been sick with a cold/flu/plague thing sim­i­lar to what Katie and I have, and he’s had it for eight weeks! He’s been to the doc­tor repeat­ed­ly, and the doc­tor has said, “Yep, that’s how it goes. Noth­ing we can do for you. Go home and rest. Drink lots of flu­ids. Here’s your bill.”

This is not mak­ing me any more cheer­ful, I’ll have you know.

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  • Alice

    D had some­thing that he’s just now get­ting over after 8 weeks, too. Megan’s hung on for about 3, just when I was about to take her to the doc­tor. I was wor­ried that I was about to catch it yes­ter­day with a mild fever and fatigue, but hope­ful­ly I have shak­en it, the proof will be in how I feel today. Being Mom­my, I just can’t afford to deal with that. I dealt with some­thing for 6 weeks last fall and I it’s all fuzzy how we got through that. At least now we know to say, “Yes, I DO want that cough med­i­cine with the good stuff in it”