Sam helped a co-worker with his family’s computer after work, so he didn’t get home until almost 11pm! And at that, he had to bring the plagued thing home with him. I don’t know when he’ll be able to work on it, with MoMo Con this weekend.

He also talked to his buddy Dean tonight, and learned that Dean has been sick with a cold/flu/plague thing similar to what Katie and I have, and he’s had it for eight weeks! He’s been to the doctor repeatedly, and the doctor has said, “Yep, that’s how it goes. Nothing we can do for you. Go home and rest. Drink lots of fluids. Here’s your bill.”

This is not making me any more cheerful, I’ll have you know.

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  1. D had something that he’s just now getting over after 8 weeks, too. Megan’s hung on for about 3, just when I was about to take her to the doctor. I was worried that I was about to catch it yesterday with a mild fever and fatigue, but hopefully I have shaken it, the proof will be in how I feel today. Being Mommy, I just can’t afford to deal with that. I dealt with something for 6 weeks last fall and I it’s all fuzzy how we got through that. At least now we know to say, “Yes, I DO want that cough medicine with the good stuff in it”

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