Mouse-Mouse and WordPress Oddity

I will not pro­vide a pho­to, but I fig­ure this point­ing device would be all-too pop­u­lar with any felines or canines in your house­hold. I would­n’t ever have imag­ined such a thing if the Instructa­bles peo­ple had­n’t sent out an email plea to who­ev­er abduct­ed Mouse-Mouse from their table at SXSW to please return him.

As slick as Word­Press is, would­n’t it make sense for it to fig­ure out some­thing like day­light sav­ing time? I mean, if you could just click some­thing, the way you do in Win­dows, to say, “Yes, I’m in an area that observes DST” it would be much, much eas­i­er than going through every bloody WP instal­la­tion for which you’re respon­si­ble and man­u­al­ly chang­ing the time, which is what I just real­ized that I need to do. I’m sure I would have noticed if there’s a plu­g­in to pro­vide that func­tion­al­i­ty in the Plu­g­in Repos­i­to­ry, and I don’t think there is one.

I tried Time Zone Cal­cu­la­tor, but it just seems to fig­ure var­i­ous time zones and will dis­play them in a wid­get or wher­ev­er you want to call it via PHP. That does­n’t help me. Auto­mat­ic DST change func­tion­al­i­ty seems a no-brain­er to me, so why isn’t it built in, and since it isn’t, why isn’t there a plug-in?

Have I men­tioned late­ly how incred­i­bly stu­pid I find DST? I’m total­ly unsur­prised to learn that it does­n’t save a bit of ener­gy, any­way.

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5 thoughts on “Mouse-Mouse and WordPress Oddity

  1. Actu­al­ly, there is a lot of dis­cus­sion about what the real motives for DST were, when it start­ed, but it had its ori­gin in the mind of Ben­jamin Franklin, of all peo­ple. There are those who think that the real moti­va­tion was child labor — if there was more light in the after­noon, kids could go out and help with Spring plant­ning and hoe the fields, etc. Nev­er was about sav­ing ener­gy, until GW wrapped his beady lit­tle mind around it. This, of course, is the same man who had NO IDEA IT WAS COMING when told that experts pre­dict $4 gaso­line this Spring.

  2. I live in AZ, which does not observe DST. You would think this would be eas­i­er, but this caus­es just as many prob­lems. A lot of time sys­tems just have a sep­a­rate time zone for AZ, but the ones who don’t and auto­mat­i­cal­ly do DST, mess us up. Also, our cable pro­gram­ming times change. At a recent work meet­ing, half showed up at 9 am, and half at 10 am (The meet­ing was at 9). The prob­lem? Their com­put­ers had auto­mat­i­cal­ly reset for DST and they did­n’t real­ize it. We coor­di­nate meet­ings via Out­look Invites. Also, the Nava­jo Rez also observes DST, so when I lived in Flagstaff, you drove 10 min­utes in the sum­mer and you were in anoth­er time zone.

    Just get rid of it all 🙂 Sor­ry for the rant, but you touched a nerve. I hate DST.

  3. Actu­al­ly, Franklin wrote his “pro­pos­al” for DST anony­mous­ly, as a satire. He did­n’t actu­al­ly think it was a good idea, from what I’ve gath­ered. The notion that using DST would save ener­gy dates back to the ear­ly 1900s, way before GW. He bears the blame for much stu­pid­i­ty, but he did­n’t orig­i­nate this one.

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