Mouse-Mouse and WordPress Oddity

I will not provide a photo, but I figure this pointing device would be all-too popular with any felines or canines in your household. I wouldn’t ever have imagined such a thing if the Instructables people hadn’t sent out an email plea to whoever abducted Mouse-Mouse from their table at SXSW to please return him.

As slick as WordPress is, wouldn’t it make sense for it to figure out something like daylight saving time? I mean, if you could just click something, the way you do in Windows, to say, “Yes, I’m in an area that observes DST” it would be much, much easier than going through every bloody WP installation for which you’re responsible and manually changing the time, which is what I just realized that I need to do. I’m sure I would have noticed if there’s a plugin to provide that functionality in the Plugin Repository, and I don’t think there is one.

I tried Time Zone Calculator, but it just seems to figure various time zones and will display them in a widget or wherever you want to call it via PHP. That doesn’t help me. Automatic DST change functionality seems a no-brainer to me, so why isn’t it built in, and since it isn’t, why isn’t there a plug-in?

Have I mentioned lately how incredibly stupid I find DST? I’m totally unsurprised to learn that it doesn’t save a bit of energy, anyway.

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5 thoughts on “Mouse-Mouse and WordPress Oddity

  1. Actually, there is a lot of discussion about what the real motives for DST were, when it started, but it had its origin in the mind of Benjamin Franklin, of all people. There are those who think that the real motivation was child labor – if there was more light in the afternoon, kids could go out and help with Spring plantning and hoe the fields, etc. Never was about saving energy, until GW wrapped his beady little mind around it. This, of course, is the same man who had NO IDEA IT WAS COMING when told that experts predict $4 gasoline this Spring.

  2. I live in AZ, which does not observe DST. You would think this would be easier, but this causes just as many problems. A lot of time systems just have a separate time zone for AZ, but the ones who don’t and automatically do DST, mess us up. Also, our cable programming times change. At a recent work meeting, half showed up at 9 am, and half at 10 am (The meeting was at 9). The problem? Their computers had automatically reset for DST and they didn’t realize it. We coordinate meetings via Outlook Invites. Also, the Navajo Rez also observes DST, so when I lived in Flagstaff, you drove 10 minutes in the summer and you were in another time zone.

    Just get rid of it all 🙂 Sorry for the rant, but you touched a nerve. I hate DST.

  3. Actually, Franklin wrote his “proposal” for DST anonymously, as a satire. He didn’t actually think it was a good idea, from what I’ve gathered. The notion that using DST would save energy dates back to the early 1900s, way before GW. He bears the blame for much stupidity, but he didn’t originate this one.

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