Semester Is Past the Half-way Point!

And so far, I’ve only lost one point in my Project Management class, none in the other class. That was due to a stupid mousing error—bad hands! Oh well, if that’s all my hands cost me this semester, I’ll be happy.

The career course required us to do “long-term career planning” this week. I don’t know how useful their idea of career planning is, to be honest, in today’s economy. There aren’t many people who can count on moving up steadily on one path, due to the fact that the economy changes so much more quickly than it did 30 to 50 years ago. Do I feel sanguine about making predictions as to where I’ll be, professionally, in 30 years? Um, no. For one thing, I’ll be 71 years old then! For another, I’ll be happy just to get back to work, period!

Today’s Thing-a-Day time was spent coloring. It was nice.

I have a happy Sambear dancing in front of me because he just posted Chapter 17 of Heart of the Hunter. He already hit his word target for the novel, but happily, he isn’t stopping ’til the plot is wrapped up.

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