Video: George Hrab, The Assumption

A fun video from George Hrab. I’ve heard of the guy quite a few times and seen a fair number of photos, but this is the first time I’ve actually heard his music. I like!

Many thanks to Chris Miller, who sent me a link to this video via Pownce.

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3 thoughts on “Video: George Hrab, The Assumption

  1. Oh Honeychile-

    Thanks for posting about George Hrab. That was so generous of you. If you’re interested in sampling more of Interrobang, you can find it at iTunes where Geo has another four albums besides this one. You might also want to check him out at CD Baby.

    Thanks again and lots of love from Geologic HQ.

    all best,
    Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe

  2. I love sharing good stuff with friends. Why else would I have a blog? 🙂

    I will go listen to more! Is he coming to Dragon Con this year?

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