3 Replies to “Video: George Hrab, The Assumption”

  1. Oh Hon­ey­chile-

    Thanks for post­ing about George Hrab. That was so gen­er­ous of you. If you’re inter­est­ed in sam­pling more of Inter­robang, you can find it at iTunes where Geo has anoth­er four albums besides this one. You might also want to check him out at CD Baby.

    Thanks again and lots of love from Geo­log­ic HQ.

    all best,
    Ms. Infor­ma­tion for the Geo­log­ic Universe

  2. I love shar­ing good stuff with friends. Why else would I have a blog? 🙂

    I will go lis­ten to more! Is he com­ing to Drag­on Con this year?

  3. Although plans aren’t cement­ed yet, I know that it’s a pos­si­bil­i­ty. You might want to know he’ll be at TAM and is slat­ed to perform.

    Thanks again!

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