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Yester­day I got to vis­it the wiz­ards at Three-13, Jason and Rico. So I’m new­ly shorn and my roots are hid­den again. 

I was­n’t real­ly in the right head­space to be there, though. I had a nasty migraine by the time I left, with no vision in my right eye. So we did­n’t go shop­ping for the skirt I want for Sat­ur­day night’s par­ty and will need to do that tomor­row (unless I just wear some­thing I’ve got, which won’t be costume‑y at all).

I always feel strange to walk out of Three-13 and see day­light, since it’s like a night­club in most ways. 

sam­bear and shad­owkatt picked up her Doc Martens at Abbad­aba’s while I was get­ting pret­ti­fied, did some mall-explo­ration and vis­it­ed Dr. No’s Comics. Then they wait­ed more patient­ly than I deserve for me to be done. I real­ly felt bad about the waiting.

I love our home. It’s so clean and love­ly right now! That’s because we haven’t been home all that much since the maids were here on Wednes­day. Or, more accu­rate­ly, we’ve been home but not in the com­mon areas so much.

There are yum­my smells here at the moment, too. word­can­dlemage is teach­ing sam­bear how to make his deli­cious lasagna.

I’ve hit the hard floors not once, but TWICE with the Clorox mop, try­ing to round up all the dog fur. And there are small drifts vis­i­ble again! I real­ly want one of these.

I had the maids vac­u­um all the uphol­stered fur­ni­ture, then I stuck the dog-safe blan­kets on them. I’ll take them off right before guests arrive. The dog is the same col­or as the couch­es, but I was wor­ried about peo­ple with allergies.

Kar­li keeps tak­ing curiousmay9’s work shoes (the leather stuff for handy­woman-type work, not her paid work shoes) into our room to chew on them. curiousmay9 likes to leave the shoes tucked under the stairs, but I think she’s going to have to change that habit.

I got the sixth book of Michelle West­’s Sun Sword series Wednes­day and read about 1/3 of it while at Three-13 (it’s more than 950 pages). I *think* this is the last book in the series, which was sup­posed to be a duol­o­gy. With any­one else I’d say, “Dear gods, woman, you real­ly need to edit!” The series has been fas­ci­nat­ing, though. Enough so that I broke my per­son­al rule about not lik­ing to read any series before all the books in it are released.

The girl is about to make lumi­nar­ias, as it’s VERY dark out here where we live, and we don’t want to have folks to have prob­lems find­ing the side­walk. Some­day, we’re going to have those solar-pow­ered lights lin­ing the dri­ve and sidewalk.

I just need to show­er and dress for the par­ty now. I’m wait­ing to do that in the last hour, as I’m like­ly to find some­thing else that I sim­ply must do that will cause me to get all sweaty.

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