Sleepy Sunday

It has been a love­ly week­end, though a bit qui­eter than planned.

The dish­wash­er, wash­er, and dry­er are all run­ning. curiousmay9 and all the four-legged res­i­dents are nap­ping. shad­owkatt is get­ting a net fix, I think. sam­bear is at work. All I hear is the hum of the fan sam­bear left on, and that I was just too lazy to turn off. I’m try­ing to fig­ure out how to “refresh” the library in iTunes, or I’d have music play­ing right now.

Fri­day was great! The peo­ple, the con­ver­sa­tion, the music, the food—all as love­ly as we could have ever wished. We even got to meet the high­ly elu­sive spouse of filk­fer­en­gi, who is indeed a hand­some man and a pret­ty neat guy. I’ll stop call­ing him myth­i­cal now.

We got to hang out a bit with mrp­syk­lops on Sat­ur­day and Sun­day, though not enough. And we missed the rest of his fam­i­ly. Hap­pi­ly, he (and they, I hope) will be here for the filk we’re host­ing in September.

ga_sunshine came over with Cherub on Sat­ur­day after­noon. I must say that Sun­shine is more gor­geous every time I see her. I was still quite exhaust­ed from Fri­day, so sam­bear and I stayed home as back­up for shad­owkatt, who was on baby duty.

ga_sunshine tells me that we missed quite the par­ty at album­la­dy’s house! I’m sor­ry I did­n’t get to meet many of my LJ friends in per­son. Anoth­er time, I promise!

Cherub is dead­ly cute. She came into the house and imme­di­ate­ly had every­one wrapped around her lit­tle fin­ger! Sparks is show­ing promise as a very kid-tol­er­ant cat, which is love­ly. Shel­ley stayed hid­den, for the most part. Kar­li approves of tod­dlers because they tend to leave bits of any­thing they eat in their wake. And Kar­li was just fine with Cherub climb­ing all over her 🙂

ga_sunshine snug­gles were the high­light of the week­end. She’s just heav­en­ly. So cud­dly! But we real­ly do need a king-sized bed.

As soon as I get my music straight­ened out, I think I’m going to try to go through some things that got shoved into our bed­room clos­et. I need to find the cable and pow­er sup­ply for the scan­ner, and I think they must be in there.

I might even get some fil­ing done. That would go bet­ter if I could watch TV, though, and we don’t have a DVD play­er or VCR in our room. I don’t gen­er­al­ly watch broad­cast TV, and get­ting the file cart up the one step to our sit­ting room is a bit iffy. Of course, if I can man­age to get it that far, I can prob­a­bly get it into the liv­ing room. Hmmmm…

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