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Very good article:
Too many fun­da­men­tal­ists would deny the fun­da­men­tal rights all peo­ple deserve

Carter blasts Geor­gia evo­lu­tion proposal
Jim­my Carter, the most Chris­t­ian politi­cian I have ever heard of, can see why Kathy Cox’s pro­posed sci­ence cur­ricu­lum sucks. What is wrong with those peo­ple at the DoE?
“As a Chris­t­ian, a trained engi­neer and sci­en­tist, and a pro­fes­sor at Emory Uni­ver­si­ty, I am embar­rassed by Super­in­ten­dent Kathy Cox’s attempt to cen­sor and dis­tort the edu­ca­tion of Geor­gia’s stu­dents,” the for­mer pres­i­dent declared. “Nation­wide ridicule of Geor­gia’s pub­lic edu­ca­tion sys­tem will be inevitable if this pro­pos­al is adopted.”

I’m feel­ing a bit hyper for some rea­son. I felt absolute­ly ener­getic yes­ter­day until I slowed down enough to sit down on the couch about 10 pm, and then I crashed com­plete­ly. Today’s crash came much ear­li­er thanks to Sam lur­ing me into the bed “just to cuddle.”

It isn’t pos­si­ble for the thy­roid meds to have kicked in so soon. Is it? Maybe it’s the result of hav­ing the pain meds at a sta­ble lev­el all the time? It’s nice, any­way. Except for the fact that it makes it even eas­i­er to over­do and get into anoth­er FM flare. “Ener­getic” just isn’t an adjec­tive I’d use for myself most of the time! I’m still try­ing to adjust to remem­ber­ing to take some­thing 4 times a day, though.

I stopped at Nease’s briefly yes­ter­day. Well, it was sup­posed to be a brief vis­it, just to get some plas­tic floss bob­bins. Ha! Yes, I came home with a new design (one I’d been want­i­ng for a year) and the linen for Deep Peace as well as all the bob­bins she had (she’s got more on order). Two peo­ple thought I worked there, which tick­led me.

We’ve been try­ing to get to our mail­box place dur­ing work­ing hours for over a month now because we need­ed to have Sam’s sig­na­ture nota­rized on a form. Sam IS a notary, but there isn’t anoth­er in his office who can nota­rize things for him. The notary at the mail­box place was on vaca­tion for a while, and Sam is work­ing dur­ing their nor­mal hours instead of the extend­ed hol­i­day hours. I feel sil­ly now. I’d for­got­ten that the apart­ment office has a notary who’ll han­dle such things for free, too! So we got that done.

Katie and Sam went to Hot Top­ic after­ward (I got to stay home, away from the nasty mall, because my hero went for me). The zip­per on her beloved boots died last week. The quote I got to fix it was “at least $65.” The boots were only about $35! We just bought them pret­ty recent­ly, so they were able to get the store to give her a new pair. They aren’t real­ly intend­ed for every­day wear, though, and she does wear them con­stant­ly. So now we need to find some­thing that IS designed to stand up to dai­ly wear.

She and I both need purs­es, too. We have lit­tle things we’re car­ry­ing that are essen­tial­ly wal­lets with room for a cell phone and PDA. They don’t have room for a glasses/contact case, which we need to car­ry while wear­ing our con­tacts “just in case.” I’ve got­ten quite spoiled about car­ry­ing some­thing light­weight, so I’m unlike­ly to be easy to please. I have seen lar­gish fan­ny packs that would work with­out being much big­ger than what we have now, but I don’t like wear­ing those. They’re awk­ward at my size because I cer­tain­ly don’t need any more bulk.

And I still want black boots too, dammit!

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