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Very good article:
Too many fundamentalists would deny the fundamental rights all people deserve

Carter blasts Georgia evolution proposal
Jimmy Carter, the most Christian politician I have ever heard of, can see why Kathy Cox’s proposed science curriculum sucks. What is wrong with those people at the DoE?
“As a Christian, a trained engineer and scientist, and a professor at Emory University, I am embarrassed by Superintendent Kathy Cox’s attempt to censor and distort the education of Georgia’s students,” the former president declared. “Nationwide ridicule of Georgia’s public education system will be inevitable if this proposal is adopted.”

I’m feeling a bit hyper for some reason. I felt absolutely energetic yesterday until I slowed down enough to sit down on the couch about 10 pm, and then I crashed completely. Today’s crash came much earlier thanks to Sam luring me into the bed “just to cuddle.”

It isn’t possible for the thyroid meds to have kicked in so soon. Is it? Maybe it’s the result of having the pain meds at a stable level all the time? It’s nice, anyway. Except for the fact that it makes it even easier to overdo and get into another FM flare. “Energetic” just isn’t an adjective I’d use for myself most of the time! I’m still trying to adjust to remembering to take something 4 times a day, though.

I stopped at Nease’s briefly yesterday. Well, it was supposed to be a brief visit, just to get some plastic floss bobbins. Ha! Yes, I came home with a new design (one I’d been wanting for a year) and the linen for Deep Peace as well as all the bobbins she had (she’s got more on order). Two people thought I worked there, which tickled me.

We’ve been trying to get to our mailbox place during working hours for over a month now because we needed to have Sam’s signature notarized on a form. Sam IS a notary, but there isn’t another in his office who can notarize things for him. The notary at the mailbox place was on vacation for a while, and Sam is working during their normal hours instead of the extended holiday hours. I feel silly now. I’d forgotten that the apartment office has a notary who’ll handle such things for free, too! So we got that done.

Katie and Sam went to Hot Topic afterward (I got to stay home, away from the nasty mall, because my hero went for me). The zipper on her beloved boots died last week. The quote I got to fix it was “at least $65.” The boots were only about $35! We just bought them pretty recently, so they were able to get the store to give her a new pair. They aren’t really intended for everyday wear, though, and she does wear them constantly. So now we need to find something that IS designed to stand up to daily wear.

She and I both need purses, too. We have little things we’re carrying that are essentially wallets with room for a cell phone and PDA. They don’t have room for a glasses/contact case, which we need to carry while wearing our contacts “just in case.” I’ve gotten quite spoiled about carrying something lightweight, so I’m unlikely to be easy to please. I have seen largish fanny packs that would work without being much bigger than what we have now, but I don’t like wearing those. They’re awkward at my size because I certainly don’t need any more bulk.

And I still want black boots too, dammit!

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