I Can See!

I have peripheral vision again!

I went to the eye doctor this morning and left with a trial pair of contact lenses. I need to dig out my sunglasses (what sambear calls my “Earth Girls Are Easy” shades), because my eyes are much more sun-sensitive with contacts.

My right eye hasn’t changed much, and only the astigmatism has really changed in the left eye. I’m not going to get new glasses ’til after we’ve got the contacts straightened out, though (for one thing, they’re always very expensive). I’d just get new lenses in my current frames, but I’ve been seduced by the neat magnetic shades available for the newer frames. I’ll just have to have sambear and shadowkatt with me to pick out the new frames. They picked out the ones I have now, and they’re the most flattering I’ve ever had, I think. It’s sorta hard to pick out frames when you can’t see yourself in the mirror, anyway.

The doctor found it surprising that my glasses were about 4 years old because they’re still in very good shape. Well, when you MUST have the danged things to see, and you know that replacements cost far more than you want to spend without planning, you do take good care of them.

I’ve taken out the contacts now since I was only to wear them for six hours today. But I really enjoyed wearing them, and I’ll be putting them on again tomorrow morning!

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