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(I split one post up into var­i­ous sec­tions because it was SO long.)

Katie had a Girl Scout train­ing ses­sion last night. Tonight is the Girl Scout unit’s Father-Daugh­ter dance, so I’ll be home alone for a while. Except for the cat, who still has­n’t for­giv­en me for the switch to “healthy” cat food. Hmm—I’d bet­ter not let her get behind me. I don’t like the way she’s look­ing at me lately.

There was a Girl Scout/Red Cross first aid/babysitting train­ing course recent­ly, and we did­n’t get word of it in time to sign up. We’re still try­ing to work out sched­ules to get Katie into one of the Red Cross cours­es. It would have been nice to do it through the Scouts.

She’s got sev­er­al oth­er train­ing ses­sions com­ing up. One qual­i­fies her to be a “pro­gram aide” to help younger girls at day camps. The oth­er is required before earn­ing a com­mu­ni­ty ser­vice bar. Fri­day night’s train­ing was about the Sil­ver Award (high­est award at the Cadette lev­el, sim­i­lar to the Bronze Award she got as a Junior). The oth­er train­ings are vital to com­plet­ing the require­ments for the award, which takes sev­er­al years. She loves work­ing with younger kids, so I hon­est­ly think she’ll have more trou­ble decid­ing which ser­vice oppor­tu­ni­ties to turn down than earn­ing the required hours.

She has­n’t attend­ed a day camp in the past, and I’m not look­ing for­ward to the trans­porta­tion issues involved in her work­ing at one. But I know she’ll enjoy it, and we’ll deal with the dri­ving somehow.

We need to get her sum­mer camp dates, though—her dance recital is the same day some of the camps start. We did­n’t get the date until after we sent off the camp paper­work, so we had said she could take any session.

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