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(I split one post up into various sections because it was SO long.)

Katie had a Girl Scout training session last night. Tonight is the Girl Scout unit’s Father-Daughter dance, so I’ll be home alone for a while. Except for the cat, who still hasn’t forgiven me for the switch to “healthy” cat food. Hmm—I’d better not let her get behind me. I don’t like the way she’s looking at me lately.

There was a Girl Scout/Red Cross first aid/babysitting training course recently, and we didn’t get word of it in time to sign up. We’re still trying to work out schedules to get Katie into one of the Red Cross courses. It would have been nice to do it through the Scouts.

She’s got several other training sessions coming up. One qualifies her to be a “program aide” to help younger girls at day camps. The other is required before earning a community service bar. Friday night’s training was about the Silver Award (highest award at the Cadette level, similar to the Bronze Award she got as a Junior). The other trainings are vital to completing the requirements for the award, which takes several years. She loves working with younger kids, so I honestly think she’ll have more trouble deciding which service opportunities to turn down than earning the required hours.

She hasn’t attended a day camp in the past, and I’m not looking forward to the transportation issues involved in her working at one. But I know she’ll enjoy it, and we’ll deal with the driving somehow.

We need to get her summer camp dates, though—her dance recital is the same day some of the camps start. We didn’t get the date until after we sent off the camp paperwork, so we had said she could take any session.

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