Why Defining “Polyamory” IS Important

I found this draft of a post from Feb­ru­ary 2014, and while I would­n’t ordi­nar­i­ly react to any­thing as old as that post, the draft was too good to toss away. I don’t nor­mal­ly respond to oth­er peo­ple’s blog posts, but I’ve seen a par­tic­u­lar notion all over the place, so I am going to respond […]

I Did a Thing!

I was pok­ing around the Word­Press menus and noticed that one of the Tools was a Live­Jour­nal Importer, so I import­ed the posts from my old Live­Jour­nal (the main one, I had sev­er­al). It seems the images and com­ments did NOT come over, unfor­tu­nate­ly, but there are a lot of posts in those archives. I’ve […]

Blogging Again and New Depression Treatment

I’ve decid­ed to try going back to post­ing on my blog more fre­quent­ly rather than on all the var­i­ous social media plat­forms, so you’re going to hear more from me! This sto­ry is def­i­nite­ly excit­ing to me as some­one who has been treat­ed for (treat­­ment-resis­­tant) major depres­sive dis­or­der for over thir­ty years. I’ve tried tran­scra­nial magnetic […]

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