Rise and SHiNe!

This is to announce the start of a new pod­cast net­work: SHiNe, the Self-Help Pod­cast Net­work. SHiNe seeks to col­lect all the pod­casts that are about self-improve­­ment, health, and well-being in one place so that peo­ple can find them more…

Geeky, Yes

But I’m not a video gamer, and I’ve nev­er been a Trekkie/Trekker. 91% Geek Still, I’m curi­ous — which Star Trek race is it that has the most accu­rate hear­ing? This Very Impor­tant Post brought to you cour­tesy of Exam Week!

Visual DNA

Lots of fun to do and look at. Give your­self time to think, though! Read my Visu­alD­NA™ Get your own Visu­alD­NA™ They take out any apos­tro­phes used in your cus­tom descrip­tions, but you can put them back in by editing…

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