Can you make citizens’ arrests for ‘unimaginably stupid’ conduct?

From the Carroll County Times of Westminster, Maryland:

According to The Sacramento Bee, a family in El Dorado, Calif., is in trouble after spending a family outing making pipe bombs and then testing them.… According to the Bee, Justin Lee Brown, 29, was arrested on suspicion of several felonies. He, his girlfriend and their two sons, ages 6 and 8, had one of the more interesting family outings ever.… When asked about the activity, Brown said he learned how to make bombs from friends and "decided to try it so he could show it to his kids." … Brown is in jail and Tiffany Dean, the mom, is being investigated for what deputies call “unimaginably stupid” conduct.

I’m holding my breath, hoping that no association with the pagan community or Spiral Scouts will come to light. That’s what came to mind first, honestly. If it had happened in Alabama instead of California, though, I’d be reasonably safe in assuming some degree of relation to Dean and Brown. I’ve never regretted moving to Georgia—specifically, to metro Atlanta. I’d be quite happy to move elsewhere, but as this story shows, you can find rednecks anywhere.

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