The Animals Won

Katie is a bit too old to be a Steve Irwin fan, so we were spared most of that craze. Not all of it, of course, since we don’t live in a media blackout and we are exposed to the current kid culture via other friends’ kids.

Still, I always found the guy more than a few fries short on his Happy Meal. And what the hell did those critters do to him? I mean, they’re nasty, yes, but does he need to brandish them on television repeatedly? What was he teaching his viewers? Bullying? Have there been any cases of children being hurt by trying to replicate his stunts? (I don’t care how many times anyone says “don’t try this!” We all know that somebody, somewhere, will.)

And that crocodile/baby thing. Why wasn’t there as much media coverage about that as about Michael Jackson dangling his kid over a balcony? Was the man absolutely crackers? (I’m not talking about Michael Jackson, as I don’t have any doubts regarding his lack of sanity.)

Germaine Greer said all of this better than I have, but she’s the first person I’ve ever heard criticize Irwin in any significant way in a major publication. Granted, I wasn’t following him closely, but did the man have to die for critics to be heard?

Would he still be alive if he’d been darted with Risperdal on a regular basis? Maybe a little less of a celebrity, but sanity is worth some sacrifices. I think he would have been a better role model had he been less of an extreme risk-taker.

I do feel sorry for his family, certainly. I know from experience that you can never truly be prepared for the loss of someone you love. Still, if I were his wife I would have been on edge all the time fearing that I’d get the call telling me that his luck had run out.

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One thought on “The Animals Won

  1. Steve Irwin was grandma’s favorite. He isn’t a child’s entertainment star!! We loved him and his guy next door attitude. We loved his gusto and vigor.

    The whole Baby Bob and the Croc story got loads of attention!! To note, the baby was not in “serious” danger. It was just a very stupid thing to do. He didn’t have his son near the croc’s jaw!! We’re talking about a guy who wrestles the reptilian monsters. Let’s just say the baby was in “general” danger since he was in a cage with a vicious animal. Really dumb on Steve’s part that was and extremely insensitive to the many parents out there watching!!!! geezus, Terri probably could of slapped him…

    As far as whacko jacko goes… he actually held his baby over a balcony. He wasn’t holding the baby very well. Babes are slippery and little wiry bundles of oops. Michael Jackson is an idiot. [not saying Steve’s antics weren’t idiotic] Just that Michael’s child was in much more danger. The reason is this: if for some reason Steve Irwin were to drop the baby; there were many guys who work with Steve who would have *rushed* into the cage. Don’t doubt for a moment that his buddies wouldn’t put their life in front of that little boy. He did something stupid.

    whacko jacko is nuts. Dangling the baby and one drop would have been devasting with no hope of diversion.

    What Steve Irwin did was closer in comparison to what Britney Spears did driving with her baby son in her lap. What a brainless twit. We are supposed to believe she can drive safely while distracted with an infant in her arms. If her driving is possible impaired or delayed… then clearly holding the baby while driving is beyond stupid. But not as dumb as bringing your infant son into a crocodile cage.

    Michael Jackson still wins the nitwit parent of the year. He is nuts because his ideas are not in the best interest of his children, but rather what HE thinks should be their best interest. He lets a pedophile raise his children.

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