The Animals Won

Katie is a bit too old to be a Steve Irwin fan, so we were spared most of that craze. Not all of it, of course, since we don’t live in a media black­out and we are exposed to the cur­rent kid cul­ture via oth­er friends’ kids.

Still, I always found the guy more than a few fries short on his Hap­py Meal. And what the hell did those crit­ters do to him? I mean, they’re nasty, yes, but does he need to bran­dish them on tele­vi­sion repeat­ed­ly? What was he teach­ing his view­ers? Bul­ly­ing? Have there been any cas­es of chil­dren being hurt by try­ing to repli­cate his stunts? (I don’t care how many times any­one says “don’t try this!” We all know that some­body, some­where, will.)

And that crocodile/baby thing. Why was­n’t there as much media cov­er­age about that as about Michael Jack­son dan­gling his kid over a bal­cony? Was the man absolute­ly crack­ers? (I’m not talk­ing about Michael Jack­son, as I don’t have any doubts regard­ing his lack of sanity.)

Ger­maine Greer said all of this bet­ter than I have, but she’s the first per­son I’ve ever heard crit­i­cize Irwin in any sig­nif­i­cant way in a major pub­li­ca­tion. Grant­ed, I was­n’t fol­low­ing him close­ly, but did the man have to die for crit­ics to be heard? 

Would he still be alive if he’d been dart­ed with Risperdal on a reg­u­lar basis? Maybe a lit­tle less of a celebri­ty, but san­i­ty is worth some sac­ri­fices. I think he would have been a bet­ter role mod­el had he been less of an extreme risk-taker.

I do feel sor­ry for his fam­i­ly, cer­tain­ly. I know from expe­ri­ence that you can nev­er tru­ly be pre­pared for the loss of some­one you love. Still, if I were his wife I would have been on edge all the time fear­ing that I’d get the call telling me that his luck had run out.

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One thought on “The Animals Won

  1. Steve Irwin was grand­ma’s favorite. He isn’t a child’s enter­tain­ment star!! We loved him and his guy next door atti­tude. We loved his gus­to and vigor. 

    The whole Baby Bob and the Croc sto­ry got loads of atten­tion!! To note, the baby was not in “seri­ous” dan­ger. It was just a very stu­pid thing to do. He did­n’t have his son near the croc’s jaw!! We’re talk­ing about a guy who wres­tles the rep­til­ian mon­sters. Let’s just say the baby was in “gen­er­al” dan­ger since he was in a cage with a vicious ani­mal. Real­ly dumb on Steve’s part that was and extreme­ly insen­si­tive to the many par­ents out there watch­ing!!!! geezus, Ter­ri prob­a­bly could of slapped him… 

    As far as whacko jacko goes… he actu­al­ly held his baby over a bal­cony. He was­n’t hold­ing the baby very well. Babes are slip­pery and lit­tle wiry bun­dles of oops. Michael Jack­son is an idiot. [not say­ing Steve’s antics weren’t idi­ot­ic] Just that Michael’s child was in much more dan­ger. The rea­son is this: if for some rea­son Steve Irwin were to drop the baby; there were many guys who work with Steve who would have *rushed* into the cage. Don’t doubt for a moment that his bud­dies would­n’t put their life in front of that lit­tle boy. He did some­thing stupid. 

    whacko jacko is nuts. Dan­gling the baby and one drop would have been dev­ast­ing with no hope of diversion. 

    What Steve Irwin did was clos­er in com­par­i­son to what Brit­ney Spears did dri­ving with her baby son in her lap. What a brain­less twit. We are sup­posed to believe she can dri­ve safe­ly while dis­tract­ed with an infant in her arms. If her dri­ving is pos­si­ble impaired or delayed… then clear­ly hold­ing the baby while dri­ving is beyond stu­pid. But not as dumb as bring­ing your infant son into a croc­o­dile cage. 

    Michael Jack­son still wins the nitwit par­ent of the year. He is nuts because his ideas are not in the best inter­est of his chil­dren, but rather what HE thinks should be their best inter­est. He lets a pedophile raise his children.

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