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On the Radio

Plinky asked, “Do you ever lis­ten to the radio any­more?”

Car Radio

I only lis­ten to the radio in the car. In fact, I don’t think I’ve got a radio at home any­where. If I do lis­ten, I almost always choose the local NPR affil­i­ate to lis­ten to. If it isn’t time for the one of the NPR broad­casts, I might skip around the dial to find music I like, but I’m more like­ly to lis­ten to Spo­ti­fy on my phone.

I real­ly enjoy the radio fea­ture on Spo­ti­fy, though. You choose a song you like, then choose the radio fea­ture, and it choos­es more songs that are some­how sim­i­lar to that one (basi­cal­ly Pan­do­ra via Spo­ti­fy).

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