Being an Active Part of Your Own Health Care Team, Part II

It has only tak­en me ten years since my first arti­cle to return to this top­ic! I always intend­ed to do so, but life got in the way. In that first arti­cle, I large­ly addressed med­ica­tion issues. Now we’re going to talk about being your own patient advo­cate. What is a patient advo­cate? It’s an individual […]

What to Say to Your Doctor if You’re Not Being Heard

It’s all too com­mon for doc­tors to blow off wom­en’s com­plaints, or to blame every­thing a fat per­son of any gen­der reports as being due to their size. If you think a doc­tor isn’t lis­ten­ing to you, here are some tips as to what you can say in response. I know of one excel­lent technique […]

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