I find it odd to find pic­tures of the snow that’s on the ground right now in my friends’ LJ entries when we’ve still got the air con­di­tion­ing run­ning at times… Cur­rent Mood: 😉weird

Sleepy Sleepy

I am SO sleepy! Ridicu­lous­ly sleepy. I will head to bed Very Soon Now, I promise. Or sam­bear will have to lug me there while I’m uncon­scious. And I haven’t even tak­en the sleep­y­time med­i­cine yet! Cur­rent Mood: 😴sleepy


sam­bear just made break­fast that is even bet­ter than those I remem­ber from my child­hood, bis­cuits and all. That’s sig­nif­i­cant. Cur­rent Mood: 🙂thank­fulCur­rent Music: Echo’s Chil­dren “Word of God”


Hey—I for­got to even men­tion that yes­ter­day I made my first batch of but­ter­milk bis­cuits in over a decade. And they were actu­al­ly edi­ble. They weren’t as won­der­ful­ly light and fluffy as the ones god­dessin­ga makes, but I’ll have to…

End of an Era

My par­ents are all moved, except for get­ting stuff from the stor­age facil­i­ty to the new place. The phone is final­ly work­ing. No cable TV out there, so they’re get­ting a satel­lite con­nec­tion. My sis­ter and broth­­er-in-law were there this…


For the last few years, sam­bear and I have avoid­ed decid­ing which of our fam­i­lies gets our com­pa­ny at Thanks­giv­ing by stay­ing home and hav­ing friends join us here. I think it’s offi­cial­ly A Tra­di­tion as of this year. He makes…

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