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I am SO sleepy! Ridicu­lous­ly sleepy. I will head to bed Very Soon Now, I promise. Or sam­bear will have to lug me there while I’m uncon­scious. And I haven’t even tak­en the sleep­y­time med­i­cine yet!

We went to sing with A and oth­er peo­ple I would love to know bet­ter this after­noon. We knew we’d need to leave ear­ly to get to Try­bal­a­ka prac­tice, but we want­ed to see them. I near­ly said, “Oh, let’s just try next time” and I’m real­ly glad I did­n’t. Good peo­ple, good music, good con­ver­sa­tion, love­ly hugs.

Prac­tice went well, I think. Things are real­ly com­ing together—and it’s a darned good thing since we don’t prac­tice until Jan­u­ary, then we have one prac­tice and our first per­for­mance since Sam and I joined the group. Some­one who might want to audi­tion sat in on most of the prac­tice to get a feel for the kind of music we’re doing. He seemed nice enough, but I could­n’t real­ly get a read on him. He’s a gui­tar play­er. I have a dread­ful weak­ness for gui­tarists. He seemed awful­ly strait­laced for a pagan group, though.

That reminds me—I have to get some­thing to wear to that per­for­mance between now and then. Yes, it seems like a long way away, but I HATE shop­ping. And I hate shop­ping for clothes even more than shop­ping for any­thing else. It could take most of that time just to make myself go look for something.

The kids did­n’t call us every few min­utes dur­ing prac­tice this week to get medi­a­tion on their disputes—that’s what it felt like last week. They all sur­vived time with­out us and they did eat din­ner and even tried to clean up after them­selves! R did­n’t get the two things I’d ask him to do done, because he was play­ing Star­craft instead of doing those things or his home­work. This is after he was sup­pos­ed­ly not feel­ing well enough to do ANYTHING ear­li­er, so he’s in the dog­house with me in a big way right now.

He’s 14. This is ridicu­lous. I know, I know—kids with ADHD are typ­i­cal­ly a cou­ple of years behind their peers in many ways. I’d expect more respon­si­bil­i­ty than that from a 9‑year-old, though. (I did expect it from Katie, and I got it, so I know that isn’t unrealistic.)

Okay, I’m grumpy. I’m sure I’ll be less ticked off at him in the morn­ing. I moved too much stuff around yes­ter­day and slipped and twist­ed my back, so I’m in lots more pain today than I have been late­ly. That makes me get all bitchy, and I try not to let it affect oth­er peo­ple too much but there are times when I’m much more short-tem­pered than I would be oth­er­wise. I’m much less con­trary than I would have been with­out get­ting to make music and see won­der­ful peo­ple, though!

Last week­end Katie and R attend­ed a friend’s birth­day par­ty. This week­end that friend’s moth­er let us know that he’s been sick all week and may have mononucleosis—we should know some­thing tomor­row. Sam and I have both had it, but none of our kids have. Ack! Rowan has been real­ly droopy, but it would be too ear­ly for him to show symp­toms if he were just exposed last week­end. Of course, all these kids run around togeth­er a lot, so it’s more than like­ly that what­ev­er he has, Katie and R were exposed to as well at some point in the past.

As men­tioned above, we moved some fur­ni­ture around yes­ter­day. I want to have that project com­plete­ly done tomor­row because I need to start get­ting the house real­ly ready for Thanksgiving.

One of the rea­sons for mov­ing fur­ni­ture around is to make room for a king-sized bed in our bed­room. No, we don’t have one, but we need and want one. I decid­ed that maybe the uni­verse will be more inclined to gift us with one if we already have a place for it.

Head­count for Thanks­giv­ing din­ner here is up to 22. Does any­body else need a place to be, or just want to join us?

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