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No, the house is not com­plete­ly ready for tomor­row, much less the peo­ple who are arriv­ing any minute now. And what have I been doing? Going through and rear­rang­ing my cross-stitch books and mag­a­zines. Oh yes, a vital­ly impor­tant task!

I am weed­ing out the dupli­cate mag­a­zines. I’m not quite up to weed­ing out the dupli­cate books yet, but I need to do that, too. When I’m done I’ll post a list of the stuff I have two of here to see if any­one wants them.

sam­bear dis­cov­ered a sud­den NEED to go get inkjet car­tridges at Office Depot. I have no idea why that sud­den­ly became a need, but I think it MIGHT be due to the fact that I asked him to go through the scary stack of “gam­ing stuff” (that isn’t in fold­ers or binders and can’t be con­sid­ered books, dice or minia­tures) and fig­ure out where it should go. I find that such tasks often pro­duce a need to be some­where oth­er than here.

An old SO dropped by for a brief vis­it today to give me some old stuff he’d found at his house. He’s get­ting ready to move out of town. His cur­rent girl­friend has lived with him for the past three years, but she isn’t relo­cat­ing with him. She was sup­posed to come with him to vis­it me and did­n’t. I was­n’t entire­ly com­fort­able with that—neither was sam­bear. Oh well—nothing uncom­fort­able hap­pened, but I had the dis­tinct feel­ing he might have been hap­pi­er had the kids not been present and most stub­born­ly hang­ing out in the liv­ing room to vis­it with him, too (yay kids!).

R&G have been deliv­ered into their moth­er’s broth­er’s keep­ing and should be on the way to see her short­ly. I think. We don’t know any­thing about the flight arrange­ments. Appar­ent­ly, her biggest pri­or­i­ty was that they bring their Hal­loween cos­tumes with them. I did­n’t hear about that until today. Well, their cos­tumes were packed away, so find­ing them entailed drag­ging a whole LOT of stuff out of stor­age. And they did­n’t put that stuff back. And now I’m WAY behind on the whole house­clean­ing thing. Very annoying.

Yes­ter­day we real­ized that G did­n’t have enough med­ica­tion to get her through the trip. R takes the same dosage and he had enough to share, but we want­ed them to have their actu­al med­i­cine bot­tles with the right names on the labels in case there was any ques­tion about the drugs. Since they both take Adder­all, which is a “sched­uled” drug, that can be important.

So I went to the phar­ma­cy and they could­n’t find the pre­scrip­tion that had been dropped off there yes­ter­day and should have been sit­ting and wait­ing for me to pay for it. They spent about 30 min­utes look­ing around inef­fec­tu­al­ly, large­ly because I insist­ed that they WOULD FIND THE WRITTEN PRESCRIPTION. They final­ly found it in a scary bin where they drop pre­scrip­tions that they can’t read. Now look—would it real­ly be that much trou­ble for them to look at it when you hand it to them and see whether or not they can read it? They always ask for the patien­t’s birth­date, and we give it to them. And we’ve all had pre­scrip­tions filled at this phar­ma­cy MANY times. And there are not, in all hon­esty, that many peo­ple who share G’s name. Or who have hyphen­at­ed names, much less hyphen­at­ed names as ridicu­lous­ly long as the one she and R share. All that plus her birth­date isn’t enough to fig­ure any­thing out? Or, gosh, maybe our phone num­ber writ­ten on it, or the doc­tor’s phone num­ber, could have giv­en them the idea of call­ing some­body to ask?

Then they come back and tell me they’re out of Pax­il. Not okay. They should have told us that when the pre­scrip­tion was dropped off! I told them to go call oth­er phar­ma­cies in their chain very close to us and find one that has Pax­il. I wait. And wait. And wait. Final­ly, they come back and want mon­ey for both prescriptions—they did have it, they were just look­ing at the wrong bot­tle. This is not fill­ing me with con­fi­dence here.

In any case, I got her med­ica­tions and was able to send her and R off with enough meds to get them through the next four days in the prop­er­ly labeled bot­tles. And we only sent enough meds for the next four days, since their moth­er has been so opposed to them tak­ing any kind of med­ica­tions that we real­ly would­n’t put it past her to “lose” or dis­card them for some crazy reason.

Um, no, writ­ing LJ entries isn’t get­ting my house clean, is it? (sigh)

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