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No, the house is not completely ready for tomorrow, much less the people who are arriving any minute now. And what have I been doing? Going through and rearranging my cross-stitch books and magazines. Oh yes, a vitally important task!

I am weeding out the duplicate magazines. I’m not quite up to weeding out the duplicate books yet, but I need to do that, too. When I’m done I’ll post a list of the stuff I have two of here to see if anyone wants them.

sambear discovered a sudden NEED to go get inkjet cartridges at Office Depot. I have no idea why that suddenly became a need, but I think it MIGHT be due to the fact that I asked him to go through the scary stack of “gaming stuff” (that isn’t in folders or binders and can’t be considered books, dice or miniatures) and figure out where it should go. I find that such tasks often produce a need to be somewhere other than here.

An old SO dropped by for a brief visit today to give me some old stuff he’d found at his house. He’s getting ready to move out of town. His current girlfriend has lived with him for the past three years, but she isn’t relocating with him. She was supposed to come with him to visit me and didn’t. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with that—neither was sambear. Oh well—nothing uncomfortable happened, but I had the distinct feeling he might have been happier had the kids not been present and most stubbornly hanging out in the living room to visit with him, too (yay kids!).

R&G have been delivered into their mother’s brother’s keeping and should be on the way to see her shortly. I think. We don’t know anything about the flight arrangements. Apparently, her biggest priority was that they bring their Halloween costumes with them. I didn’t hear about that until today. Well, their costumes were packed away, so finding them entailed dragging a whole LOT of stuff out of storage. And they didn’t put that stuff back. And now I’m WAY behind on the whole housecleaning thing. Very annoying.

Yesterday we realized that G didn’t have enough medication to get her through the trip. R takes the same dosage and he had enough to share, but we wanted them to have their actual medicine bottles with the right names on the labels in case there was any question about the drugs. Since they both take Adderall, which is a “scheduled” drug, that can be important.

So I went to the pharmacy and they couldn’t find the prescription that had been dropped off there yesterday and should have been sitting and waiting for me to pay for it. They spent about 30 minutes looking around ineffectually, largely because I insisted that they WOULD FIND THE WRITTEN PRESCRIPTION. They finally found it in a scary bin where they drop prescriptions that they can’t read. Now look—would it really be that much trouble for them to look at it when you hand it to them and see whether or not they can read it? They always ask for the patient’s birthdate, and we give it to them. And we’ve all had prescriptions filled at this pharmacy MANY times. And there are not, in all honesty, that many people who share G’s name. Or who have hyphenated names, much less hyphenated names as ridiculously long as the one she and R share. All that plus her birthdate isn’t enough to figure anything out? Or, gosh, maybe our phone number written on it, or the doctor’s phone number, could have given them the idea of calling somebody to ask?

Then they come back and tell me they’re out of Paxil. Not okay. They should have told us that when the prescription was dropped off! I told them to go call other pharmacies in their chain very close to us and find one that has Paxil. I wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, they come back and want money for both prescriptions—they did have it, they were just looking at the wrong bottle. This is not filling me with confidence here.

In any case, I got her medications and was able to send her and R off with enough meds to get them through the next four days in the properly labeled bottles. And we only sent enough meds for the next four days, since their mother has been so opposed to them taking any kind of medications that we really wouldn’t put it past her to “lose” or discard them for some crazy reason.

Um, no, writing LJ entries isn’t getting my house clean, is it? (sigh)

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