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Fun Day

I have an SBQ to post, but it’ll have to wait. 🙂

I’m lov­ing hav­ing Hope here for a vis­it. She’s great com­pa­ny, and cer­tain­ly easy on the eyes. She’s been mar­velous­ly patient with my need to sleep so much and the fact that I’m dopey from fibro fogs and med­ica­tions.

We played Prime­time Adven­tures last night, then had a freeform ses­sion in CoraNi (Sam’s world) tonight. Hope’s poor char­ac­ter is a total inno­cent, and she wound up in Blacpool (the New York of CoraNi) with a lib­er­tine bard as her, um, chap­er­one. Or, at least, the per­son who has agreed to help her get set­tled in the city as a favor to an old friend. Just meet­ing two of the bard’s lovers expand­ed her hori­zons, then she went to a pri­vate com­ing-of-age par­ty as a dancer to per­form with said bard. That par­ty expand­ed many peo­ple’s hori­zons.

Hope played the char­ac­ter mar­velous­ly, and we all had a great time. Katie tried out a new char­ac­ter, too, but I’m going blank on the char­ac­ter’s name. I’m hop­ing we might have time to play more tomor­row, although I’m not sure that Sam will want to play the same game again, since he has a whole mess of indie games, most of which he has­n’t had a chance to play yet.

I’m near­ly done with the Fairy Tale sam­pler I’m stitch­ing, thanks to the time spent gam­ing. Yay! I love the piece, but I’m ready to work on some­thing else for a while. I have to find where the lit­tle frog trea­sure has got­ten off too so I can attach it, though.

Sam made my very favorite meal, fet­tucine alfre­do with chick­en, for din­ner. My mouth want­ed to eat a lot more than my tum­my could have han­dled! The house still smells yum­my from it.

1 comment to Fun Day

  • I am very hap­py to be here, and very glad you’re tak­ing care of your­self.

    The games were quite delight­ful 🙂

    The sam­pler is love­ly, too.