Puttering & Decluttering

I am SO lucky! I got up to hot biscuits and gravy AND a clean kitchen, thanks to my marvelous sambear!

Unfortunately, I missed seeing curiousmay9 before she left this morning. We went to the filk last night and had a lovely time, then stayed up talking ’til 1 or so. I can’t remember the last time I was up that late two nights in a row. I nearly wimped out on the filk, but our Leo prevailed—so I met my goal of doing two social things outside the house this week. It’s always good to see mypsyklops! shadowkatt will be sorry to have missed it, I know.

I’m thinking that I may need to take up the flute again in order to help get my breath support for singing up to par. We do have the keyboard and guitar in place in the living room now, to encourage their use on a more regular basis. Perhaps I should get the flutes out, too.

Interesting article: Learning and Teaching Information Technology—Computer Skills in Context

School Away From School is another interesting one, although like several recent NY Times articles it has a little anti-homeschooling bias tossed in.

sambear is going through the pots, pans, and bakeware, discarding those that we just don’t use or that aren’t so good anymore (like those which were formerly non-stick, but have lost their coating). Does anybody need random cookware? It isn’t great, but it might be better than what someone has.

We have a bed frame for the guest room now, thanks to bookofmirrors and the rest of the Harmony bunch! I think we’re going to put that in place after Sam is done in the kitchen.

I have all my works-in-progress out. I’m going to kit them up and try a stitching rotation. Hopefully, that’ll let me work through the projects I have to finish without getting too bored with any one project. I finished my second oldest WIP, the nursery sampler I started while pregnant with Katie, this past week. I’ll add a picture of it to my site as soon as I have access to a good digital camera. I’ve stitched on the oldest WIP, the lighthouse piece, for the past couple of nights. The actual chart for What’s Your Sign, Baby? has gone missing, so I think I’m going to try begging a new one from Witches Stitches in order to move forward on that design. This is, in fact, part of the decluttering effort. No, really!

I intend to try lacing my own pieces to prepare them for framing, too. I’d like to have a serger (or have access to one) to finish the edges of the pieces before starting, but I may be able to start on some of the older pieces that aren’t incredibly important to me without that. I need to get some really strong thread and acid-free foam-core board first, though. I’m running low on a couple of colors of DMC, so I foresee a trip to a craft store in the near future.

sambear is done! I’m going to go admire his accomplishments 🙂

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