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Oh wow. I’m listening to the B-52s Wild Planet album. The actual album. Like, on vinyl.

One of the things unearthed in my parents’ basement this weekend was the first stereo I had when I was about 11. I bought it at a garage sale. It had been put away at some point because the speakers died, and it was still there. And it has a turntable. So it is now sitting here playing through the stereo in the living room.

Unfortunately, our stereo is a little bookshelf thing that isn’t terribly adaptable. It has two sets of RCA jack inputs on the back, one for phono, one for video. But the phono jacks don’t work right—everything is all fuzzy. I’ve looked inside before, and those don’t seem to look quite right, but I don’t know that much about these things. It isn’t dirty contacts, though. I tried cleaning the connections a while back.

In any case, now sambear is on his way home with some sort of thing that will hopefully enable us to hook three separate devices up to the one working set of input jacks—the TV, the turntable, and the computer (for playing MP3s on the better speakers).

The kids are want us to just buy a new stereo for the living room that’ll do surround sound and everything—because they want this stereo in the playroom. Yeah, that might happen at some point—but it isn’t in the budget anytime soon. For now, adapters cost a lot less than stereos.

Gosh—doesn’t everyone want to come help move the piano and some bookcases from the parents’ house to ours next weekend? Daddy will let us use his truck! We just can’t let him pick anything up—he’s still recovering from the neck surgery.

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Current Music: B52s <b>Wild Planet</b>
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