UUs May Do What?

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Unitar­i­an Uni­ver­sal­ists may add ‘God” to beliefs I hope not. I seri­ous­ly hope not, because I would feel mar­gin­al­ized at that point. I do not believe in the Judeo-Chris­t­ian deity. I do not see how the UUA, after embrac­ing pagans,…

From Cheating to Polyamory

noelfi­gart recent­ly asked if any­one on the Poly­fam­i­lies list would be will­ing to try writ­ing an arti­cle about mov­ing from cheat­ing to polyamory. I mulled it a bit, and I’ve tried it. I’ll warn you—it’s long. But I’d appre­ci­ate feedback.…

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