Astrology: Birth Goddess & Eclipses

hopeevey posted this link about finding your Birth Goddess, and a link to another site that can assist in figuring out the phase the moon was in at your birth.

I knew that I was born during the new moon, and the second link confirmed that. shadowkatt was also born—just barely—under a new moon. So our Birth Goddess is supposedly:

Diana: Goddess of the New Moon

“Diana, The Sky.” Some say that She was the original Sun “Goddess,” ruling Vital Energy. The ancient priesthood eventually changed Her dominion, making The Sun ruler a God instead of a Goddess. In ancient times, Diana was worshiped only outdoors, under the open sky—whether by day or night. This is Her domain, the great outdoors. Diana rules 3 elements: Air, the beginning of light; Water, the beginning of the Life-Cycle (symbolized by the mid-wife Egeria); and Earth, the mysteries of the woods (symbolized by Virbius). She grants conception and aids in the childbed. Diana is particularly good at retrieving things, people, and insights previously lost.

What I didn’t know what that there was also a total solar eclipse the day I was born (November 12, 1966). I don’t know what that means, astrologically, if anything. stephanielynch? I found this bit, but not much else:

Here it may be mentioned that the Solar and Lunar eclipses that occurred directly prior to your birth have a particular significance as well. These indicate, in the case of the Pre-natal Solar Eclipse, a gift you have come to earth to share with your fellows, and that hopefully, you will succeed in manifesting and modeling for others. The Pre-natal Lunar Eclipse indicates a personal lesson you have chosen to tackle—coming from a past-life experience for which you have the opportunity to create balance in this lifetime. For more on the Prenatal Eclipses and what they mean to you, it is necessary to know the Sign and Degree in which they occurred and to note where they fit in your natal chart.

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