Avoiding Homework

I don’t like updat­ing via the web inter­face. But it’s bet­ter than not being able to update at all.

Well, I dropped all but two of my class­es. Or I’m halfway there, anyway—got all three instruc­tors’ sig­na­tures on the forms today. Now I have to get their depart­ment heads’ sig­na­tures and my depart­ment head/advisor’s sig­na­ture. That’s actu­al­ly only two peo­ple, nei­ther of whom was on cam­pus today. So I’ll be doing that tomorrow—or try­ing to!

I’m hop­ing to be able to drop the cours­es rather than sim­ply with­draw­ing so that I don’t end up pay­ing tuition for them. Since the dis­abil­i­ty paper­work was­n’t done before the drop/add dead­line, I’m hop­ing they’ll see that as a rea­son­able explanation.

I’ve been on cam­pus pret­ty much all day. I was home for maybe 30 min­utes after my tech writ­ing course with Sam, but then he need­ed to go see some­one for whom he might do some con­sult­ing. Since I have anoth­er course at 5:15 and he was going to be close to Alpharet­ta, I just had him bring me back to cam­pus. Hav­ing just one car sucks! But he did make a nice roast beef sand­wich for me for lunch 🙂

I can­not seem to stay focused on my com­put­er text­book. At all. Seri­ous­ly. What is it about text­books? The only one I’ve found engag­ing so far is the ancient his­to­ry text, and I had to drop that course!

I did get my home­work done for tonight’s course and today’s tech writ­ing class. I have more to do for the TW course when I get home. I would­n’t mind hang­ing out on cam­pus near­ly as much with a lap­top. And a Star­bucks. There should be one on every cam­pus, don’t you think?

My PDA isn’t even with me. I feel bereft! Its bat­tery died com­plete­ly for the very first time. I failed to actu­al­ly plug in the pow­er bit of the cra­dle, so it was­n’t actu­al­ly recharg­ing when I thought it was. I should­n’t have lost any data, but I’m annoyed. I’d just fin­ished enter­ing all the info on assign­ments for both of my class­es into Due Yes­ter­day and was try­ing to synch that to the PDA when I dis­cov­ered the prob­lem. Stu­pid Cyn!

I fin­ished watch­ing The Man in the Iron Mask with Sam this week­end. I had just been around in the room when he and Katie watched the begin­ning of the movie, but it was easy enough to pick up the plot thread. I still can’t stand Leonar­do di Caprio.

I vis­it­ed the cam­pus library for the first time today. I was hop­ing to get my read­ing done, but the atmos­phere was too sleepy-mak­ing. I did check out a book, Does Jane Com­pute? by Rober­ta Furg­er. I got the stick­er on my stu­dent ID that’s sup­posed to let me check out books at Ken­ne­saw State’s library, which is clos­er to our house.

I still need to get by the YMCA to get start­ed on the mem­ber­ship process. I need to talk to my doc­tor about my lab test results-I called this morn­ing but I thought I’d be home in the after­noon when they were going to call back.

Katie called last night and got me rather worried—she said her vision was blur­ry. If it was still like that this morn­ing, her grand­moth­er was going to take her to a doc­tor down there. I’m hop­ing it went away. Oth­er­wise, she’s hav­ing a mar­velous time.

We miss all three kids. It is SO weird not hav­ing any of them around! Shel­ley is extreme­ly grumpy about the lack of staff, too.

Um, yeah. Home­work. Need to read. (sigh)

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