How to Grow a Bul­ly I’m so glad shad­owkatt isn’t in pub­lic school any more. And I hate the fact that real_pochacco and G are. This had more good infor­ma­tion on the sub­ject. Cur­rent Mood: 🙁wor­ried

LJ Analysis

I looked at the Live­jour­nal Analasys thing lots of peo­ple are doing. But, um—does that mis­spelling dri­ve any­body else total­ly apeshit? I real­ly just can’t han­dle it. And I can’t quite see that the infor­ma­tion is serv­ing much of a…

Poll: Ask Me!

I can’t ever think of any­thing to ask when peo­ple do these things, but I’m curi­ous as to what peo­ple do ask. So here we go! Ask me any­thing! Cur­rent Mood: 😕curi­ousCur­rent Music: Indi­go Girls

Cheating is NOT Polyamory

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I am absolute­ly sick of see­ing peo­ple on poly lists or oth­er fora whing­ing about how unfair it is that they have to sneak around with their SOs. And, “oh, we’re in LUUURRRVVVE and just can’t squelch that!” Clue: While…


From preacher­man­feed: Chris­tians under­stand com­mu­nion in dif­fer­ent ways. For me, com­mu­nion is the time to lay down every­thing that doesn’t mat­ter and cel­e­brate the real­iza­tion that you are not alone on this jour­ney. It’s a pret­ty impor­tant rit­u­al for us. That…

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