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R.I.P. “Dad” Ward

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Family | Posted on 05-06-2008


A friend of my family’s, Claude “Dad” Ward, who worked with my father for many years, died this week. He was a good man, and he’ll be missed.

He wasn’t my father, but every­body who knew him called him “Dad.” I don’t think I even heard his giv­en name for the first ten or fif­teen years that I knew him.

He had bat­tled myas­the­nia gravis for years, but what final­ly got him was weird – tuber­cu­lo­sis from a spi­der bite. After Dad­dy told me that, I thought he must have mis­heard some­thing, so I Googled it – and yep, there are oth­er cas­es of that hap­pen­ing.

I’ll think of him every time I see an Airedale or a rac­coon 🙂

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