Health Stuff, School, and Car

From the “this was a sur­prise to any­body?” department:
Kids in homes with heavy TV use may have read­ing trou­ble, study says

San is run­ning Katie about for some testing/lab work today. She had to safe­word on the lab work after one vial of blood because it was just too painful. I need to find some­thing short and sweet about FM to give to any and all health prac­ti­tion­ers to explain that EVERYTHING is more painful than it is for oth­er peo­ple and that when she says some­thing hurts, they need to take her seri­ous­ly. Grrrr!

The kit­ten isn’t feel­ing good after all that stuff, so today’s bike-rid­ing ses­sion may have to be rescheduled.

The car needs brakes, so we need to cut back on the run­ning around ’til we can get that done.

Good news: All three of my pro­fes­sors are will­ing to give me an incom­plete for my cours­es this semes­ter. I’m work­ing out the details for get­ting caught up with them now. That’s a big stress reliever.

I’m doing much bet­ter on the “take care of myself” stuff in some ways—getting a lot more sleep, eat­ing more reg­u­lar­ly with­out need­ing Sam’s inter­ven­tion, stay­ing away from the PC except when I must use it, tak­ing my meds/supplements and work­ing out how to get the care I need. There’s still more to be done, obvi­ous­ly. The moist heat­ing pad is pret­ty much stay­ing with me all the time. I do wish I could find one that would some­how fas­ten to my neck/shoulder area and stay hot longer. I’m still slog­ging through The Fibromyal­gia Sur­vival Book by Star­lanyl. It’s not very well-writ­ten, to be hon­est, but it is the sin­gle most use­ful book I’ve found (along with her oth­er tome, The Fibromyal­gia Advo­cate) about Fibromyalgia/Chronic myofas­cial pain.

I’d like to get my hands on anoth­er book, Thy­roid Pow­er by Richard Shames. The local library sys­tem does­n’t have it and it’s too new for an inter­li­brary loan.

I learned that we can give Shel­ley Benadryl, so as soon as Sam is back we’ll try that.

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