And again with the “who could be surprised?”:
Premature babies benefit from breast milk

Hello? All babies benefit from breast milk! Mammalian infants thrive on the milk produced just for them!

This article, though, is amusing:
Naked truth on Finnish business strategy: Start with sauna

We had a nice dinner and visit with curiousmay9 last night. sambear sent out a flurry of resumes. I did some minor cleaning stuff—not all that needs to be done, but I never have the energy to get all that needs to be done finished anymore. I have to do a few minutes of work, then rest. I hate that.

Today the girls go to C’s house for a few days. I have an appointment this afternoon and want to finish up more chores.

My to-do list is a mile long, but that’s because I’ve been putting absolutely everything on it. In fact, I’m putting things on it that I’ve done so that I can mark them as finished and see them on the calendar to remind myself that I am accomplishing something.

I can’t find the vinegar. I know I have some, and I want to use it to clean the coffee pot. Fiddlesticks.

I want to make my own carpet freshener based on baking soda and something that smells good, like vanilla. Essential oils will make it moist, which isn’t good. Sam thought of getting vanilla beans and grinding them but thought that would be moist, too. Any suggestions?

I love rosemary and lavender, too. But I have to remember not to use lavender (and there was something else—what was it?) if there’s any chance of a waya visit, because she’s allergic to it. It’s important to me to maintain a waya-friendly environment. So I think I’ll just skip the lavender altogether.

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